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The Gloves are Off: It’s Facebook vs Orkut vs Google Me

Rohit Sharma

In February 2010, England based online trafficking agency comScore announced that Google owned Orkut is still number one in India with 46.8% of the nation’s web population using the website. Besides India, Brazil also favours Orkut over other social networking websites but that’s it! Facebook is ruling rest of the social media inclined nations with the website gearing up to cross 500 million users mark worldwide out of which 8 million are from India.

Top networking sites in India (Copyright- INRS)

According to a recent survey conducted by Indiabiz News & Research Services (INRS), Facebook is the number one networking website in India. Get these figures- 85% of users prefer Facebook, 54% of users are on Orkut as well and the much hyped Twitter is preferred only by 30%. Another recent survey by Nielsen says that Orkut is the preferred social networking site but Facebook is gaining market share in India with 50% of social media users claiming to use Facebook most often, compared to 38% for Orkut, with the most common reasons for switching include friends moving sites, preferring the look and feel of the site, and offering more features.

So what makes Orkut so undesirable or simply uncool amongst the networkers? Here’s what I feel-

◘ The homepage takes times to load thanks to ugly themes and applications that just clutter the page.

◘ The main content view has shrunk with the introduction of new template feature. Templates also increased the response time of pages.

◘ Pictures and scrap lock feature have declined the interests. Orkut spoilt us, allowed us to snoop but suddenly becoming prude because Facebook arrived didn’t go down well with the users.

◘ Lack of innovations. Third party applications came in too late along with privacy settings and comments section.

Google is not taking the Facebook threat lying down. There are strong rumours circulating that the biggest online brand will soon be attempting another battle with Facebook, with the launch of reticently titled ‘Google Me’.

Google Buzz was an embarrassing failure (it doesn’t feel good when you wake up to see your email contacts splashed in front of the world) and Google Profile wasn’t a hit either. So Google has now decided to put everything into the blender and churn out something bigger than Facebook. Features from several of its previous networking “experiments” will be used to create something mammoth. But will the heavy user base on Facebook be willing to try out something new and even consider shifting? Google Buzz isn’t a good example. Or Facebook – which has been struggling with the frequently changing privacy norms, settings and questioning users- lose its throne to Google? Will you try Google Me?

  1. May 21, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    I agree with your opinion that facebook is popular nowadays as it has many impressive features.

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