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5 Examples How Social Media Can Screw You

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Ya Allah! South Park points & laughs at our Gods

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& only few care…

Rohit Sharma

In one of the most daring moves in American television, channel Comedy Central has taken a giant jab at religious beliefs of people across the world. Much worse, the makers have put their lives at stake by messing with Islamic community.

South Park, an animation-adult series, somewhat on the lines of The Simpsons, commemorates its 200th anniversary by burlesquing religious figures from around the world- Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Moses, Joseph Smith, Lao Tzu and Muhammad.

Super Best Friends. Pic source-

In the episode titled ‘The Super Best Friends’, Kyle and Stan revisit the group of superheroes ‘Super Best Friends’ to try to get Muhammad to come to South Park, because Tom Cruise demands to meet the Prophet so he can steal his “impervious to being made fun of” goo.

Buddha is shown snorting coke, Krishna snaps and turns into a badger, Tom Cruise is a “candy packer in a fudge factory” (a hint at the rumors circulating around Cruise’s sexual orientation), Jesus is called ‘Jesus f****** Christ’ and Muhammad cannot be “presented to the township because violence can not be risked from the Muslim people”. 

It’s not new though. In an article by Erik Childress in, he says, “ In 2006, South Park aired the two-part episode, “Cartoon Wars”, which featured Eric Cartman on a crusade to get Family Guy canceled after Muhammad is slated for a guest appearance on one of their episodes. Fearing a terrorist attack, the town buried their heads in sand in a show of solidarity to Islamists that their eyes would not feast on this unholiest of acts. Ultimately, the Family Guy episode airs but the moment of Muhammad’s appearance is cut away from with a message that read “In this shot, Mohammed hands a football helmet to Family Guy. Comedy Central has refused to broadcast an image of Mohammed on their network.” Strangely, unlike this time, there was no raging criticism or protests over the episode then has given a serious death threat to the makers of South Park ‘reminding’ them of the Van Gogh incident. Film Director Theo Van Gogh was shot 8 times by Mohammed Bouyeri. The assassin proceeded to slice his throat practically decapitating the filmmaker, stabbed him in the chest and then left two knives in his torso with a 5 page letter attached.

Watch the rare scenes (backwards, due to copyrights issue) from the controversial episode. (Note Muhammad’s image in the video has been censored)

Introducing, foursquare

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Rohit Sharma

For the Indian social media fandom, a fun new game might just be in the offing. foursquare, which is rapidly gaining popularity abroad, is a social media application for your phones and a location based game. International press have received this game positively and even gone ahead and labeled it as “the next Twitter”.  

For starters, fourquare is a Location Based Service that helps you not only connect with your friends but also help you and your friends find new ways to explore cities. Users can ‘check-in’ to a location, such as a hotel, restaurant or office to earn ‘badges’ and become the ‘mayor’ of a certain place. Social networking accounts on Twitter and Facebook also help the user widen the profile and reach of foursquare.

Foursquare is best suited for mobile phones like I-phone and Blackberry, whereas phones with web connectivity can also log in to the website. It’ an almost a year old company that has more than half a million users, 1.4 million venues and 15.5 million check-ins, and it’s still growing.

Interestingly, one of the founders of Foursquare Naveen Selvadurai is of Indian origin.

With top 3G players jostling to enter, emerging market for gizmos like I-pad, growing public interests in Blackberry and I-phones along with the success of social media games like Farmville, India seems to the perfect venue for foursquare to extend its reach.