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Where’s our Breakfast?

Team Communicatingpr

Pic source: indiajournal.com

Economic Times’ post Budget event with Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee as the key guest ended on an embarrassing note.

Actually, it didn’t even begin.

The event titled “Breakfast with FM” , which had 200 invitees waiting, was cancelled as the FM backed off at the last moment. The reason why Mukherjee didn’t make it was not disclosed but we can tell you that it was a giant snub.

On March 1st, ET’s front page boasted of Mukherjee’s quote – “I can’t think of a day without ET” along with a picture of him reading the paper. A seasoned politician like Pranab Mukherjee is not too publicity savvy and may have not liked his association with ET as was displayed by the paper. Another version doing rounds is that Pranab babu did not like the fact that ET decided to telecast the interaction Live on ET Now. Considering the fact that Opposition has turned the heat on the UPA government in the Parliament ton the price rise issue, hobnobbing with corporate class would have send wrong signal to the masses.

In the ad published in the paper, ET mentioned that Chanda Kochhar and Azim Premji would be ‘interlocutors’ for FM. Seeing his colleague Shashi Tharoor embroiled into a controversy over the use of this tongue twister, Mukherjee would have developed cold feet, perhaps!

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