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Sex and the Scandal

Rohit Sharma

It’s definitely not a Happy New Year for Tiger Woods as January first began with one of his biggest advertising client AT&T dropping him off after his adultery case. The fallout with many other brands surrounding Woods’ now very public romps has significantly brought down his status as a sports celebrity who previously earned an estimated US$110 million annually in endorsements. Back home, ND Tiwari, 87, on the eve of his life and career has grossed the title of a “dirty old man” (as Hindustan Times call him). After ruling Andhra, Tiwari’s ruling YouTube with lacs and lacs views to the blurry pictures of his “sexual transgressions”.
What do Tiwari and Woods share in common apart from their powerful positions? Amongst other things, perils of mismanagement of image, timely but worthless public apology, merciless chops of media gossip and a nonchalant love for women. Woods’ damage is done and he is paying (including monetary wounds) for it heavily. Tiwari has quit and probably will not be able to recover his image in the years left to him, just like Bangaru Laxman who is nowhere to be seen. Mr Ex-Governor’s case is more violent as the blot is so deep and malignant that it’ll be tough for the clean-slate-Congress to lessen the impact as of now.
It was in many ways a sloppy fall for Tiwari- the man known for his uprightness and white kurtas that symbolizes the purity and integrity of an Indian politician. Just before the sex scandal, few months ago, Tiwari was dragged to Delhi High Court in a paternity case. I don’t even think his administration has been a great success by far- at least in the wake of with Telengana tamasha. Years back, Bill Clinton survived the sex scandal because he came clean later, if not very soon. Tiwari is confusing everyone with his stance by staunchly denying his involvement but also apologising to the country. What is the need to apologize when he’s done no wrong?

Politicians are forgiving creatures- BJP took Modi back, Congress reassigned Vilasrao Deshmukh and R R Patil and in sometime Tiwari might just pave his way back into active politics. Even with the oozing of damaging information, he may not come out clean on the issue because the punishment is a mere “wait”, for few months or maybe a year.

The oozing is vulgar and noxious. “ND Tiwari sex scandal clip” is amongst the top Google searches in India. ABN Channel that ran the lewd clips of Tiwari in bed with three women quoted Radhika, a woman from Uttarakhand, as saying that she sent the young women to the Raj Bhavan on Tiwari’s request through his aide. The woman said she had to expose the governor as he failed to provide her an iron ore mining license in Andhra Pradesh. Tiwari is also accused of abusing young girls and arranged the filming of his dirty secrets in order to blackmail girls.
On being asked his opinion on the journalism that is going in the bedrooms of politicians, Tiwari laughs and says, “Well, how can I support otherwise no one can have a private life”.
Perhaps, “sex life” is the functioning word here.

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