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Namaste Twitter

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Rohit Sharma

We’re moving beyond Facebook and Orkut. Twitter is rampantly creating a fanbase in India and has established 1.4 million user base here- the third largest after Germany and the US. The microblogging website has 16 per cent of Indian users regularly ‘tweeting’ to get news updates, says a survey by technology site www.pluGGd.in. While 11 per cent use it to stay in touch with their friends, 10 per cent use the website for research purpose, according to the survey. In India, the site came into prominence in the country during 26/11 attacks when eyewitnesses sent an estimated 80 ‘tweets’ every five seconds, helping in compiling a list of the dead and injured.

The popularity of Twitter can be credited to Bollywood where popular stars and production houses are connecting with fans. Also, personalities from politics are also helping reaching out to public in an attempt to change the public image of a politician or merely to garner a vote bank.

At the moment, Orkut stays as the leader amongst social net working sites in India with 16 million users followed by Facebook with 8 million users. Twitter has settled in but with its limited functions, will it be able to reach an audience that prefer online chatting, crazy applications, games and pictures to look at?

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