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Live on the horizon

October 28, 2009 2 comments

Rohit Sharma

It was a phenomenal moment when one of the world’s legendary bands  U2 performed live on YouTube, a few days back. The band performed at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, USA, in front of a crowd of 100,000, at the same time, fans of this iconic Irish band from countries around the world were able to tune in to the concert from the comfort of their own homes. YouTube page (U2 Channel) that hosted the concert (2 hr 21 minutes) has received over 7 million views, so far. This is the first biggest live, online-telecast of any concert across the globe.  

Big B-lunder

October 21, 2009 4 comments

Rohit Sharma

Source: MidDay

Source: MidDay

Most of the celebrities these days are hopping on to the social media bandwagon, but their inexpertise and weak PR help is costing them what they cherish and secure the most- privacy. Look at Amitabh Bachchan’s interview with MidDay, which has become an embarrassing controversy, more for the former. Bachchan has put zanjeer of accusations around a power-packed newspaper’s editor Abhijit Majumder. The alleged misrepresentation and sting operation has done less to question an editor’s journalistic credibility and more to bring forth an eminent and revered personality’s ill will and vengefulness. Over the years, Bachchan has become antagonistic and very defensive of his family-friend-citadel. A friendship with Amar Singh has earned him nothing but political dilemmas and built up in court cases, whereas a certain aloofness from the ‘camps’ and groups in Bollywood have made his friends list thinner.

If you read his response (it’d take atleast 10 minutes) to the reply Majumder gave to his accusation, by the end of it you’d end up sympathizing with Bachchan. The actor has become so emotional that he himself scratched his old wounds- Bofors, Barbanki. But if you look at it carefully, he plainly is doing what he has always hidden on camera- anger and defensiveness. His blog is a mere façade for his other, you can say, more human-like nature, where he has answers for everything. With his opinions/outbursts, Bachchan wants to keep a connect with his fans but naively forgets that his blog has readers, sceptics and critics across the globe who don’t necessarily have to be his fans. His opinions make news and affect people’s lives.

Everyone is entitled to presenting their side, their case but when a person in a powerful position goes on defaming the world, it becomes much more embarrassing than a preposterous Kamal Khan,  stealing food in the middle of night, who Bachchan thinks is amongst the “talented and recognized”.

New-Age Fashionistas

October 13, 2009 10 comments

Emanuel L Joute

One of the most significant trends at international fashion shows this year, mind you, is not the clothes, the cuts or the style, but having fashion bloggers on front row seats. Chanel, LV, Marc Jacobs, D&G, you name it… major design houses are now embracing fashion bloggers as legit as any press or buyers. The dream of many a self-styled fashion aficionado, influential fashion bloggers are being wooed by fashion houses with all-expenses paid trips to big shows, backstage access, a chance to review clothes/accessories before being showcased and, sometimes, making them brand ambassadors. While some bloggers have landed on magazine covers, some have even attained semi-celeb status.

Having a dream run among this pack is 22-year-old Bryan Boy from Manila, known for his “witty and often bitchy commentary”, who is said to have made a “place in the fashion history” after sitting on the same row as some of the fashion industry’s heavyweights and other fellow bloggers at the D&G Spring/Summer 2010 show. On his experience at the show, he wrote, “I was so nervous throughout the entire show I even dropped my cellphone to the floor!” He was recently invited for the LV womenswear show at the Louvre in Paris, not to mention a Marc Jacobs BB ostrich bag named after him.

Also famous: Susanna Lau, the creator of Style Bubble, is a permanent fixture on the front-row seats at Chanel shows. On her blog, she says she is “not a fashion expert/insider — merely a fashion lover/consumer — everything here is super personal and thus supremely self-indulgent”. While 13-year-old blogger Tavi was featured on the cover of Pop magazine, another blogger Alix Bancourt of Cherry Blossom Girl was named the ambassador for Chanel’s new line of bags Coco Cocoon.

Hard to give this new breed of bloggers a miss, the Telegraph has come up with the top 20 fashion blogs.While international fashion houses have finally recognised the importance of communication through the Internet, especially social media. However, the scene in India is dismal. Why only blogs, there is hardly any fashion journalist worth mentioning. But then, why blame them? The fashion industry itself is still to get its acts together for putting up shows that are worth writing about.


October 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Rohit Sharma

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The refurbished look of HT is working for me. The headlines look catchy, the design is different from others and the content (at least of the main paper) definitely scores over its sharpest of competitors. The best section I’d say is the Editorial- they’re juicy, fun and not indulging in analyzing everything mundane and monotonous, everyday (Read these two).

hindustantimes_logo_betaBut keeping the flow going each day can be tough. Today, HT commits a front page gaffe. The first report on Diwali traffic jams speak how commuting is becoming knotty for Delhiites. One of the reasons, they say, is the T20 cricket attracting crowds. But another report, right below, speaks about the empty stands at Ferozeshah Kotla grounds with barely few coming to watch matches! One glitch… we can give it to them, right?

Freeway, Nonstop

October 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Moving beyond the usual hullabaloo a PR firm creates at  a product launch, MTS a new telecom operator has found a novel way to make its presence felt in the market. To mark the launch of its services in Noida and Delhi, MTS has provided free access to all the vehicles on the Delhi-Noida DND Flyway today! Vehicles will not be charged any money on the toll gates of Noida and Gurgaon expressways between 9-11am and 5-8pm on Friday.