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The Pink Money

August 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Manre Ad ScanRohit Sharma

The phenomenal gay ruling has not only opened the gates to a breath in fresh, liberated air for the gay community but also paved way for commercial opportunities for the industries. The change might take a while to perch but the way to cash in on the ruling is beginning to roll. Here’s an article in Hindustan Times that talks about an imminent change in the mindsets, at least that of corporates.  

(Left: An ad published in Delhi Times by Manre- Saket and Absolut)

Top 10 Celebrity Tweets

August 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Rohit Sharma

If you keep aside the millions in their bank balance, celebrities are not verymallika sherawat different from us. From Mallika Sherawat to Shashi Tharoor, they are using this new fangled networking mean to promote, demote and gloat about everything they do and experience. Here’s a look at few from the jumble of illustrious personalities on Twitter.

“Today, she is a joke”

(Pritish Nandy on Kareena Kapoor, after watching Kambakkht Ishq)

“Is any food, good food? Any romance, good romance? Depends on the chef or the lover or the writer.”

(Mallika Sherawat, on being asked whether any publicity is good publicity)

“And did they? Please name a few MNCs that ‘entered’ India after Sush, Ash or Lara, Priyanka?”

(Gul Panag, on being asked whether Indian girls were winning beauty pageants because multi national companies wanted to enter India)

“They want a CELEBRITY in their house not a WIFE!!”

(Rakhi Sawant, on being mistreated by the family of a contestant in her reality show)

87“Shocked by Gujarat’s ban on Jaswant’s book. Freedom of expression is a constitutional right: how can it be denied to citizens in one part of India? Hope Jaswant’s publishers will challenge constitutionality of Gujarat ban in court. We must end such restraints on what people are allowed to read”

(Shashi Tharoor, on the banning of Jaswant’s Singh’s book in Gujarat)

“I asked my assistant to book me a Nano. When is booking open? I think we can do a Karnataka tour in the Nano.”

(S M Krishna)

“You know what the worst part about being an actress is? It’s the pressure to look gorgeous all the time and to behave perfectly. But I’m not perfect, nobody is.”

(Preity Zinta)

“CEC has no rules about Twitter. Is there a model code of conduct?”

(S M Krishna, on whether Chief Election Commissioner would have guidelines set for politicians on Twitter)

“Looks like Anil Ambani has decided to sue only me and the website and not the HT. You know now that he believes in freedom of speech!”

(Vir Sanghvi, after being asked to remove an anti-Anil Ambani article published on his website and served with a notice)

2006093000300501“All u folks are a BIG disappointment…Just 1 out of around 2000 followers wished me birthday…Have I gone forgettable?”

(Cyrus Broacha)

Three mistakes Chetan Bhagat made

August 25, 2009 1 comment

Rohit Sharma

In an article written for Hindustan Times, scriptwriter and author Chetan Chetan BhagatBhagat, presents his views on India’s defence strategy. He stresses on the necessity to cut down on defence budget and suggests his version of foreign policy and steps to achieve peace. In an attempt to convey a spirited, goodwill message, Bhagat makes some unsolicited and naïve proposals. While stating his views on foreign policy of India he asks his fellow Indians- “How badly do we need Kashmir?” He further trickles down to strategic defence alliances where he suggests giving America access to our country by hiring them to protect our borders- “outsourcing” our defence. He claims it’ll save us some money as, “Having a rich, strong friend rarely hurts anyone”. Speaking on behalf of Pakistan, Bhagat preaches India to shake off its attitude and provide, people claiming over our land, “some room”- “We may not be happy about it, but we can learn to live with it.”     

Do you also think that PMO’s PR department need to hire some experienced and mature political writers?                       


Wicked confectionery

August 19, 2009 7 comments

Rohit Sharma

Its not just Cola companies Coca Cola and Pepsi locking horns at the market with their scathing spoofs on each other. Just few days after Cadbury launched their high voltage marketing ad- campaign ‘Aaj Pehli Tareekh Hai’ (Enjoy the chocolate, today’s first of the month), rival Nestle didn’t take much long to launch a parody with the tagline ‘Sirf Pehli Tarikh Ko Nahin, Kabhi Bi Kha Sakte Hai’ (Not just on first of the month, you can have it anytime). Usually sticking to soft and candy-floss advertisement, Nestle breaks the mould by jumping into directly mocking their biggest competitor in the market.

The ad talks about Nestle’s highest selling chocolate bar, Munch (advertised by Bollywood actresses Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherjee), and is being campaigned on radios and internet ads. On the other hand, Cadbury’s chocolate bar ad is reaching consumers through radio, print, on-ground, mobile and online stands.

Cadbury’s ad is created by Ogilvy and Mather India and Nestle’s spoof is by their advertising partners JWT India.

No matter how they rip each other apart, its usually fun for us to watch brands like these battling for our attention.

Lets make it public, Bro

August 18, 2009 7 comments


ADAG’s Attack: Anil Ambani takes a platform rarely used by the corporates to launch an opinion about the powers-that-be. Younger brother Anil Ambani has opened the family feud to a public debate and charged not only his brother (Mukesh Ambani) but whirled in “biased” government as well. Oil Minister Murli Deora and Bhaiya  must be stunned…  so are we.

Blimey Choo!

August 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Rohit Sharma

How many times have you stopped outside the Armani window at Emporio Jimmy Choo Angela Lindvall by Terry Richardson 05and drooled looking at those excellent-excellent boots? Thanks to the clever marketing world- over and well-established names, the flow of luxury brands has come in a big way to brand hungry India. All that glitters is gold for us. The name sells and recession has no effect on luxury. Here’s Vir Sanghvi’s take on a true story of one of the biggest shoe brand in the world.

Creativity subsides when marketing arrives.