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Rohit Sharma

Sarah “Quitter” Palin has stayed as a media darling of sorts. She’s given enough fodder to the likes of legendary David Letterman and Saturday Night Live and many more. Vanity Fair recently caught hold of Madam Deer slayer’s Bye-Bye-speech that’s presumably become a joke for the copy-eds. Here’s how VF’s copy department caught Palin red faced and red marked. Time to hunt for the speech writers, Mommy!

Could’nt resist this blast-from-the-past of SNL’s and Tina Fey’s ingenuity. Watch it.

Movies with a new twist

July 23, 2009 4 comments


Manish Sharma

Times, they are a changin’. Although mobile TV has made its lukewarm debut, watching a full fledged movie on phone is surely going to create some excitement not only in the world of mobile telephony but also revolutionize the business of entertainment. Imagine viewing a movie for 40 bucks on your phone, the bait looks promising and present an alternative distribution model for small filmmakers. While the quality of video and price of phone would be the stumbling blocks in scaling up this model, 3G technology promises to take care of that. Multiplex owners and Bollywood producers who were fighting over revenue sharing should better watch out. Its time for some action!

Bad air day for AI

July 20, 2009 7 comments

Rohit Sharma

So you thought people dangling out of moving buses was a common sight? Think again. Now that Air India’s started stuffing people in their flights, DGCA should pack their bags and let airlines make money their own way. Read more.

What an “analysis”!

July 13, 2009 1 comment

etTeam Communicatingpr

Economic Time’s survey (Page 1, 13 July 2009) claims companies that invested in advertising and marketing during recession last year reported high revenues and profits, compared to those that cut their ad budgets.

This is an interesting claim and is contrary to the general assumption across the globe and India too. Even if one digs a bit into the news report, one finds that the only example taken is that of Kellogg’s which has limited competition in its space. Not only that, the report does not clearly state the assumptions of the survey including the time period in question, other factors that impacted growth or even the return on investment for the ad spend. World over,  several corporations cut back on advertising and publicity while shifting focus to core business. It has been widely reported that while ad budgets slipped to keep costs down, the value of PR and communication was enhanced.

One wonders what the basis is for the ET report and who actually benefits from it given the half baked nature of reporting. From the face of it, advertisers and the media are perhaps the greatest beneficiaries from this survey and the report!

A Sexy Snub

July 8, 2009 1 comment

Rohit Sharma

Megan Fox. Rings more than a bell doesn’t it? From those who’ve just hit puberty to those who’re counting their days on mother earth, men, women, boys, girls, Foxilicious is creating drool oceans. One Harvey Kindlon is swimming in it, holding a yellow rose.

article-1195544-055B5907000005DC-101_468x582Just a couple of weeks back this 11 year old toddler was pictured trying to hand Megan Fox a yellow rose as the vamp trod the red carpet in London. It was like a stable boy-princess moment as Fox covering herself from berserk crowd ignored the li’l Harvey and moved on. Photo company Kodak’s PR people were quick to turn this heart break moment into cash flow as they donned the cupid mantle announcing a reward of US $5000 to anyone who could identify Kindlon. Cha-ching! Kindlon-hunt began with more fervour than the one for Osama and the boy was handed over to Kodak in very few days. Remember, angel Kodak was letting the world know of their Godly intentions of making the stable boy reach princess’s balcony. The venue was decided to be Today’s Show and Fox was invited to meet the rose boy who was supposed to sit in the audience.

But then the PR chance became a PR disaster.

Fox’s appearance on the show was undone by news of Michael Jackson’s death. So she returned to LA without meeting Kindlon. Boy’s hope were quashed along with Kodak’s cupid dreams as Today Show denied talking to Kodak for having Harvey on the show and also denied ever inviting him. Snubbed again, the boy was sent back home.

Fox jumped in to gain some loving from public saying, “The paparazzi would not let you to me. I’m so embarrassed.”

So is Kodak, we and Harvey are sure!