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Fly away

June 10, 2009 Leave a comment


In April 2008, BBC released an extraordinary footage of flying penguins that would be featured in a new natural history series.

Following day, the corporation issued a press release confessing to the April Fools Day stunt which was to promote their new online catch-up service iPlayer.



June 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Rohit Sharma

Have you ever tried to Google yourself? As PR agents or marketers, you have the blessing of taking full advantage of Google’s-eye-on-everything. If you have carefully lined out your facts, information and data on the net, then there are many chances of your customer and clients reaching you than them trying to run infinite searches across pages, attempting to source out information and finally giving up.

cool-cartoon-808865[1]A brand’s search results (especially the initials) throw an immediate light on the qualities and merit of it. Today, Google allows you to improvise on the search results through its clever tool called “Google Profile”. No matter what field you work in, it is imperative you take Google’s ability to enlist or cache and catalogue all your activities online. Wouldn’t it be better if Google finds our stories in as many places as it can rather than it finding someone else’s versions?