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Beauty with a Purpose(?)

May 28, 2009 5 comments

Rohit Sharma

It’s difficult to keep your eyes off the woman who defines beauty. As Aishwarya Rai giggled, snuggled, wriggled and jiggled on the Cannes red carpet in France, the world was going gaga about this Armani and Elie Saab draped ice queen. Well, except for a certain Ms. Sonam Kapoor back in India.

Rai, posing in front of swarms of international media

Rai, posing in front of swarms of international media

International face for L’Oreal, Rai, just before her yearly Cannes ritual, rejected the fairness cream ad by her “parent” company. Why would’nt she? At least she struck to her words of denouncing the necessity of skin lightening in front of Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks. Rejected by Rai, L’Oreal knocked on emerging actress Sonam Kapoor who accepted the offer with open arms. And why wouldn’t she? Saawariya and Delhi 6 havent actually helped her join the A-league. Rai’s representative went on to sing praises of their boss saying, “Such stories seldom bother her. Aishwarya is primarily guided by her sense of ethics as far as advertising is concerned. She does not endorse products unless she believes in them. She was recently offered a fortune to replace Rani Mukerjee to endorse a popular mosquito repellent cream, but she turned down the offer.” Diplomacy and political correctness. Like master, like slave.

What appeared to have been turning into a media coveted cat-fight, later, actually turned out to be an abysmal PR stunt. Rai was flown to Cannes but was told that Kapoor will be joining her for the two minute gown parade on red carpet. The festival began, Rai pranced but Kapoor was nowhere to be seen. Poor girl made a mistake of calling the carpet queen “an actress of senior league” and ended up unpacking her saris, gowns and fairness creams in her Mumbai home. “Sabotage by Rai” claimed media and Kapoor wiped her tears and dreams off. But who had the last laugh apart from the Bachchan bahurani? L’Oreal. The company got their pre and post Cannes publicity using our scoop-hungry media. The Paris based conglomerate isn’t that “fair” to everyone actually. Last year, the company was lambasted by media and public for featuring singer Beyonce in an ad with a lighter skin appearance than her natural golden bronze tone. The company denied the digital enhancement but the truth was already out.

Blast from the past: Lux White Glow ad

Blast from the past: Lux White Glow ad

Hypocrisy is the best kept secret of those in ‘glamour’ world and those who hire and promote them. Rai who reached the Goddess status denying the fairness cream ad, probably forgot that she is STILL promoting a soap that sells in the name of its fairness agents (Lux White Glow). Earning billions, preaching trillions, sincerity none… you’re NOT worth it!

AT&T’s no Idol

May 27, 2009 2 comments

Rohit Sharma

For anyone who has even a teensy bit of knowledge about music and follows “American Idol” would find it hard to digest the fact that Kris Allen is a better singer than Adam Lambert. In the lines of Chris Daughtry and David Cook, Lambert stayed at consistent levels throughout his performances and barely received any flak from the sharky-judges. His rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” and Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” were earth rattling as judges and audiences roared with applaud. Then what cost the reigning king his throne?

adam-lambertA New York Times report reveals that AT&T, whose mobile phone network is the only one that can be used to cast “American Idol” votes via text message, provided the free text-messaging services at two parties in Arkansas after the final performance episode of American Idol last week, according to the company and people at the events. AT&T denies the allegation but people present at the two events organized by Allen’s fans claim that a few representatives of AT&T helped them send power texts (10 or more messages at the press of one button) which have more effect on voting than call-votes.

Another reason that might have brought down Lambert to number two were the rumours that started just before the semi finals. Personal pictures of Lambert flashed around the web that media further used to question his sexuality. Along with millions stunned by results, Lambert claimed it was probably because of his personal life that he lost the title.

The question remains why did the show sponsor AT&T break its own norms and favoured one contestant over the other?

Kabhi vote kabhie Sloth

May 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Rohit Sharma

Mumbai sleeps on voting day. All talks, no action. Did the candles stop burning in 5 months? Read more on Mumbai’s embarrassing fiasco.